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Sharokina Warda
Vice President & Principal
REALTOR® License ID: SA695555000

Sharokina Warda

As Executive Vice President of Sands Residential™, Sharokina Warda is directly responsible for the day-to-day management and design aesthetic of our properties.  Sharokina’s tenant-first mentality assures the very best landlord-tenant relationships and customer service.  This results in lower turnover and reduced vacancies, which directly contributes to the company’s bottom line.

Born from her passion to design remarkable living spaces, Sharokina also heads the Interior Design division of Sands Residential™.  Rather than succumb to design trends, Sharokina is moved and inspired by designs that stand the test of time.  Her floor plan designs, materials, fixtures, and furnishings are warm and inviting, and emphasize beauty without sacrificing comfort and livability.  From mid-century modern to soft contemporary, Sharokina is highly skilled at pushing creative boundaries in ways that both respect the unique architecture of a property and pay homage to its original design features.  An expert in visualizing spaces, Sharokina’s natural talent for taking bold design concepts and infusing them with warmth, sophistication, and most importantly a sense of home set her apart from others in the industry.  An in-depth look at the Sands Residential™ portfolio showcases the breadth and depth of her work.

Ms. Warda is a graduate of the University of Arizona and is pursuing graduate education for interior design and interior architecture at the Interior Design Institute.  Outside of her interest in design, she remains a lifelong student of biomedical sciences.